Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes What Seems Obviously and Intuitively True Turns Out to Be-- TRUE!!!

Advocates of abstinence based education offered to teens in High School and Junior High have relied mostly on the plausible, intuitively sensible position that advocating abstinence to kids in sex education classes may in fact reduce their tendencies to become sexually active before marriage. For years, critics have said that there is no evidence to support this idea. The Obama administration sided with the critics and has cut more than $150 million from federal funding for abstinence only education. But now the critics have a problem. It turns out that the evidence has proven them wrong, that a powerful study has shown abstinence based sex education programs are in fact effective. In other words, spring tends to follow winter, the sun tends to rise in the East, and maybe, just maybe, teaching kids about contraception makes them more likely to become sexually active, while teaching them about the value of sexual abstinence makes them less likely to do so.

This story by the way, comes to us from the Washington Post, a paper not generally known as friendly to conservative positions. Read it all here.

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