Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planned Parenthood Develops an Ad Responding to Tim Tebow and His Mom: We Can't Resist Fisking

There’s a lot of talking leading up to the Superbowl about an ad focused on sports and family.

Ummm—I think the source of that talk has has been NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-abortion organizations.

The ad features a great football player, Tim Tebow, and his loving mother discussing a difficult medical decision she made for her family.

I’m not sure Mrs. Tebow would agree that her decision was difficult. But then, you would have to acknowledge the humanity of unborn children in order to understand that being told that she should abort her child because of the likelihood he would have birth defects did not really present Mrs. Tebow with a viable option.

I respect and honor Mrs. Tebow’s decision.

Unless, of course, she chooses to tell America about it in an ad to be broadcast during the Superbowl. . . . Oh, sorry, that’s Planned Parenthood, the organization you are representing.

I want my daughter to live in a world where everyone’s decisions are respected. [emphasis in original]

Everyone’s decisions? Really? Hitler’s decisions? Stalin’s decisions? The decisions of the current government leaders in China? What about the decisions of some mothers to leave their newborn infants in the trash, or in a toilet?

My Mom showed me that women are strong and wise. She taught me that only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future.

Whereas men, infants, and children-- [Sigh] Oh, never mind.


We’re working toward the day where every woman will be valued.

An interesting statement. What is omitted speaks volumes. The pro-life position would be, we are working toward the day where every person will be valued. We assert that each human being, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, has more value than all the material things in the universe. One could steal all of the art treasures from the Louvre museum, and the value of what was stolen would not equal the value of one fetus or embryo about to have his life snuffed out.

This is not really an argument about the right of people to make choices. It is an argument about whether we are going to recognize the irreducible humanity of all persons.


Bernanos said...

We too look forward when every woman, including those yet unborn, will be respected and recognized as unique and unrepeatable. How can the ad’s sponsors not see that their proposal endangers all unborn babies, especially female babies, and can never bring what it promises?

Is Planned Parenthood really this afraid of the experience of the Tebow family?

Rick said...


Thanks for posting.

Apparently, Planned Parenthood is afraid. Very, very afraid. How else to explain the severity of the reaction?

The conversation is going something like this:

Tim Tebow: If my Mom had listened to her doctors, she would have aborted me. I'm glad she decided not to.

Planned Parenthood: (Responding, but not responding) Every woman has a right to have us respect the choices she makes about medical treatments.

And you are correct that the Planned Parenthood proposal cannot deliver what it promises, because it denies the humanity of unborn babies. A society that denies the humanity of some of its members, especially weak and vulnerable ones, cannot possibly offer the rest of us ways to fully live out our circumstances as human beings. We can only deny the humanity of others by reducing our own humanity.