Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planned Parenthood, NOW, and the Tim Teabow Superbowl Ad

After a week of hostile and heated criticism of a pro-life Superbowl ad featuring Tim Teabow and his mom Pam that they had not yet seen, and now after having seen the ad, Planned Parenthood and NOW should be left speechless. The commercial they so fiercely attacked for being offensive to women and their right to choose was a "clean, simple, family-oriented message that never mentioned abortion" as LifeSiteNews described it.

A normal person would think there is really nothing more to say about it. Well, not the pathetic angry women of NOW, because after all the fuss they made, the had to cling onto something to justify their absurd behavior. And so the president of NOW came up with a condemnation of the ad for its celebration of violence against women (did we see the same ad???). I'm not even going to report what she said, you can read it on LifeSiteNews or in many other websites and online newspapers.

Instead, I want to link to Dr. Gerard Nadal's blog and his "Open Letter to Planned Parenthood and NOW." There are no better words to describe the nonsense of these groups.

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