Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Communion and Liberation Easter Poster

Another beautiful poster by Communion and Liberation to accompany us during this Lenten season.

"The Christian Good News responds positively to man's thirst for justice. What then is the justice of Christ? Above all, it is the justice that comes from grace, where it is not man who makes amends, heals himself and others. Conversion to Christ ultimately means this: to exit the illusion of self-sufficiency in order to discover and accept one's own need-the need of others and God, the need of His forgiveness and His friendship." Benedict XVI

"This is the point: God was moved by our nothingness. Not only that. God was moved by our betrayal, by our crude, forgetful, and treacherous poverty, by our pettiness. Like a father and mother who cry with emotion, a cry that is totally determined by the desire for the child's good, the child's destiny. It's compassion, pity, passion. He had pity on me." Luigi Giussani

To find out about Ways of the Cross on Good Friday in major US cities, please check the CL website.

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