Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maine Votes to Protect Marriage

Greetings Everyone, since I am a new poster on this blog I thought I should give you a brief introduction. My name is Pete Smyczek and I am a parishoner at St. Peter's in Montgomery along with many of the contributors to this blog. Doug has graciously offered me the opportunity to contribute to this important project.

Enough about me. In addition to last week's elections in NJ, VA, NY (23rd) and CA (10th) was the vote in Maine over the sanctity of marriage. Voters in Maine voted to protect traditional marriage by a margin of 53-47. Despite being outspent 2:1 by those who would redefine marriage, supporters of traditional marriage have won an important victory. Supporters of traditional marriage can now say that every single time the question has been put to voters, the people have chosen to affirm and protect this most sacred institution. A crucial victory, but the fight will go on.


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