Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kill the embryos, save the rats!

According to LifeSiteNews, General Electric will soon start using embryonic stem cells in its toxicology tests on the effects of drug treatments. More appalling, it is considering replacing lab rats with human embryos. While the company issued a statement clarifying that their research is conducted in “an ethically and scientifically responsible manner” it is obvious that there is nothing ethically responsible in the killing of a human person.

Not too long ago a friend of mine sent me one of those pass-it-along emails asking to sign a petition against the skinning of live animals. As I scrolled down the list of over 200 names, I also came across some comments that people chose to include along with their support for this cause: “It’s so brutal,” “what a horrible thing,” “I wish those people were skinned alive.” While I totally agree that skinning an animal alive is an act of cruelty and should not be done, I wonder how many people behind those typed names are in favor of abortion. Probably many. So much effort is put into saving animals’ lives, into protecting ‘their rights,’ in making sure they are treated in a humane way and yet when it comes to human life, to innocent babies, so many people are willing to let them die, to kill them alive. How is it possible that human life is so debased? How is it that rabbits, sheep, rats, even the cute little ones used in labs, are more valuable than human beings? There is something fundamentally wrong in our society and if we do not stand up and speak, the truth will not prevail.

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