Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Truth Always Attracts Rather Than Repulses

On June 7, the Washingon Post published an op-ed piece by Rozalyn Farmer Love, a medical student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The piece consisted of Ms. Love's explanation of why she had changed from a pro-life to a pro-choice point of view, and offered further defenses of the pro-choice position.

One of her classmates, Mandy Reimer, wrote a response from the pro-life point of view and submitted it to the Post. Her response was not published. Fortunately for us, Il Sussidiario, an Italian news website that has an English language version, has published the response. You can find it here. I think this is perhaps the most elegant defense of the pro-life position that I have ever encountered. Take the time to read it and see if you do not agree that it is influenced by the caress of the Nazarene.

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Tom said...

What an excellent response, filled with love, love for LIFE!