Tuesday, March 30, 2010

US Congressmen Defy Their Bishops and America Pays

It is truly tragic that health care “reform” got such strong support from Catholics in Congress. These “Catholics” openly defied their bishops, and now we have federally-subsidized abortion.

What these numbers suggest (2 out of 3 Catholics voted in favor of the President's version of health care reform) is that an entire generation of Catholics (the baby-boomers) seem to be utterly incapable of standing up for, or even following, the teachings and authority of the Church.

Moreover, party identity is now a much stronger determining factor in American politics than church identity (Catholic or non). The uniqueness that was once Catholic culture in America is now almost completely gone, having been swallowed up by the secular culture of our society. Long gone are the days when Catholics were feared or despised because of their loyalty to the pope. Over the course of the 20th century, Catholics have assimilated to the point where they no longer stand out as a separate voting block.

When we give up our Catholic identity in favor of acceptance and assimilation, and cease to be defiantly different, we allow the radical transformation of our society. The healthcare bill is but one, tangible example of that reality.

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