Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Media Attack on Church’s Authority

“The most dangerous storm is that which touches the heart of believers, shaking their faith and threatening their capacity to entrust themselves to God.” Pope Benedict

Since the passage of the health care bill, there have been many attacks against the Church and these assaults target the hearts of believers. It is difficult to follow and impossible to respond to all the acts of aggression the Church is now suffering.

The New York Times has been running a campaign against the pope attempting to link him to gravely sinful and evil acts carried out by members of the clergy against youth. While these acts and their cover-up are inherently evil, the attempt to link the pope to this scandal is a message stating that it is impossible to follow Christ today. We are in the midst of a profound crisis of truth and the media’s effort to associate Pope Benedict with this scandal is an attempt to reduce and damage the Church’s teaching authority. How can a person be entrusted with the gift of infallible teaching in faith and morals if he covers grave sin? This question alone is able to damage hearts. This attack on the Church is attack on Christ and has as its goal despair.

When the media engages in such sharp, coordinated criticism, it is normally a precursor to later political action. A similar movement took place preceding the latest war with Iraq. This media campaign may signal the beginning of organized movements against the Church in Europe and the United States as legislatures and courts try to force the Church to change and accept a politically-correct, relativistic position. This is part of a vast social engineering project meant to further isolate the Church from society and prevent those attracted to Christ from following Him.

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