Saturday, January 23, 2010

Top Baseball Prospect Enters the Priesthood

In a very surprising and inspiring bit of news, one of the top minor league baseball prospects for the Oakland Athletics has decided to hang up his cleats and enter the seminary. Twenty three-year-old Grant Desme, second-round draft choice of the Oakland Athletics in 2007 is the A's No. 8 overall prospect and was MVP of the Arizona Fall League last season. He was the only player in the entire minors with 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases last season. The young star was well on his way to the major leagues when he responded to God's call.

"General manager Billy Beane 'was understanding and supportive,' Desme said, but the decision 'sort of knocked him off his horse.' After the talk, Desme felt 'a great amount of peace.'

'I love the game, but I aspire to higher things,' he said. 'I know I have no regrets.'"

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