Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hollywood Strikes Against Marriage...Again

What happened to good old romantic comedies where after eventful courtships a man and a woman finally declare their love to each other and get married? Or to classic movies like It's a Wonderful Life where families do struggle a lot, but always remain faithful to each other? As we all know very well, Hollywood doesn't like these good stories anymore, but opts instead for crap like He's Just Not That Into You. I watched it recently at home and many things really stood out for me as being against marriage and the family. Here is a list that you can very easily apply to many other movies that we see nowadays in theaters:

- cohabitation is the norm; all non-married characters live together or frequently sleep over at each other’s place
- marriage is reduced to a mere formality (one of the character says you don't need a piece of paper to show that you are friend with someone, so you don't need a piece of paper to show you love a person) or something you do to avoid braking up with your girlfriend (normally is the woman who pushes for marriage because she wants commitment)
- wedding ceremonies are not celebrated in church (do we even see that anymore??) and the one here is celebrated by a woman (on a boat, of all places!).
- husbands are portrayed as real jerks, sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching football all day
- there are no children in the movie; couples start ‘talking about’ having children only after years of life together, when their grand homes are done and their relationships seem to be getting boring
- It’s perfectly legitimate, even encouraged, to seduce a married man; the woman who enters in this relationship is actually advised that if you meet the man of your dreams you cannot let him pass by, whether either one of you is married (after all, what’s a piece of paper in comparison to real love!).
- Homosexuals men are included in the story and actually a gay parade scene was also part of the movie but it has been deleted; it is available for viewing though in the extra features
- religion is absent but some sort of spirituality is referred to in the context of Hinduism

Unfortunately everything we see on tv or in theaters seems to have these messages, often presented in comic ways, so we just laugh about what we see and don’t worry too much about their morality, thinking it is the norm. It’s obvious that Hollywood is trying to push an agenda that is against Church teachings and traditional views of marriage and the family.

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