Monday, October 5, 2009


Art lovers from all over the world will soon be able to appreciate the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo while munching on big macs and french fries as a McCafe' is scheduled to open next month in the Louvre Museum in Paris. While the new 'restaurant' will be located in the Carrousel, a stonewalled gallery that houses other restaurants and shops and food will not be permitted outside of this area, employees of the museum are worried that McDonald's "unpleasant odours" will spread all over and damage the atmosphere of the Louvre.

According to the Daily Telegraph, "The Louvre has the right to protest against boutiques it considers fail to meet such criteria. However, the museum told the Daily Telegraph it had agreed to a "quality" McCafé and a McDonald's in place by the end of the year, which it said was "in line with the museum's image"". French culture is really going down the toilet if the Louvre's image is in line with McDonald's! I still have to see the day when this corporation produces 'quality' food and who knows, maybe someday soon we will see the Egyptian mummies dressed up as Ronald McDonald!

This is clearly a sign of the decline of France and what we call civilization.

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