Saturday, August 8, 2009

An Official Appeal to Help "Big Brother"

The White House blog is calling for people to forward them 'fishy' emails concerning the health care reform. Perhaps, we could call this request "Rats for Facts" or "Help Big Brother".

Since friends and family members are normally the ones who forward emails, does this mean that the White House is really asking American citizens to betray those they love who disagree with the administration's proposal? Granted, there has been little intelligent discussion on health care reform in the mainstream media and almost nothing thoughtful on the internet. This request indicates that emails against the health care reforms appear to be working and what is the best way to curb the flow of these messages: to scare individuals from exercising their first amendment rights and challenging the 'proposal' coming from our governmental leadership. The request to betray friends and forward their messages to the White House is a violation of our constitutional order. This precedent should concern all Americans. It is something that was common in the Soviet Union where individuals were in constant fear of being betrayed. The problem is that no one knows what the government will do with the names and other information it collects.

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