Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 'Children of Men' Warning

In the film, Children of Men, mankind was threatened with extinction because it was impossible for women to have children. The difficult truth is that this work of science fiction may actually describe reality today. There is new evidence that the usage of oral contraceptives may have massive unforeseen environmental consequences that may partially explain the increase in infertility rates. There are already rivers in the United States where the effects of birth control pills are threatening fish populations. These pills have only been used for a few decades, we can only imagine the consequences that will emerge if we continue to release this chemical into the environment. Traces of the oral contraceptive are already being found in the drinking water of New Jersey and once the drug enters the water supply everyone is affected. The threat is greater than widely perceived because eighty-five percent of the estrogen contained in birth control pills passes directly to the environment through human waste. From the water table, this contamination passes into women and men who drink water supplied by municipal sources. Already, there are findings that link this exposure to male infertility. Ironically, the environmental lobby wishes to continue to support the pill even when it is fully aware of its consequences. The hard reality is that these symptoms are only the beginning of what we can expect to see in the future.

Children of Men Trailer

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