Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pray For This

Catholic Answers has filed suit against the IRS for the agency's power to scare religious groups into remaining silent concerning moral issues like abortion, based on the idea that these are political matters.

The great tragedy of the abortion movement is the fact that most people view the matter, wrongly, as a political (prudential) issue and not a moral issue. This is what happens when we close ourselves to reality.

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Rick said...

I think, technically, that Catholic Answers is not suing the IRS because of its power, but because of its improper use of its power. Under the law, one cannot be entitled to tax exempt donations and simultaneously be involved in the promotion of a political party or candidate. But certainly one can receive tax exempt donations and simultaneously speak out on the grat moral or religious issues of our day. Senator Kerry should have been denied communion. That is a statement about the way the Church should govern itself. It is outrageous to call that a political statement in the electoral sense. It is an improper use of its power for the IRS to tell Catholic Answers it cannot speak out on who should and should not receive communion.