Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Faith Dies at 93 Days

The story of Faith and her mother Myah is a story of unconditional love, even in the face of great suffering; it is a beautiful story of the triumph of life over death, of the culture of love over the culture of abortion. When Myah, a 23 year-old woman, was 19 weeks pregnant, doctors found out that her baby had no brain, a condition called anencephaly. She was told the baby would not survive, or would have serious seeing and hearing problems and die soon after birth. Needless to say, doctors pushed Myah for pregnancy termination from the very moment this problem was discovered. And pressures did not come only the first day, but every day of her pregnancy until she gave birth. Faith was born in good health conditions and lived for 93 days. She passed away Saturday, in the arms of her mother. You can see pictures of Faith and read about her difficult but always filled with love journey on Myah's blog:

As a mother who has lost a baby soon after birth due to pregnancy complications I know exactly what Myah went through. I was in the hospital for two months and not a day went by when doctors tried to convince me and my husband that termination was our best option. We were told at week 18 that we had no hope of carrying on the pregnancy. We made it to week 25! We were told that our baby, if born alive, would have serious malformations and seeing or hearing problems among others. We were told it would have been better to kill our baby than to bring her into the world with all these complications. After all, these would have complicated our lives, why doing that? Our baby, Elizabeth Ann, was born alive and was perfect. She came into the world only for a short time, but enough to touch the hearts of some of those people who saw us fighting day after day after day.

God had the same plan for baby Faith: bring her into the world so we could all be reminded of the sanctity of life of EVERY human being, witness the power of love, and recognize the absurdity and horror of abortion. I hope the story of Faith, like the story of many other babies around the world, will truly help us defeat the culture of death and spread a culture of life.

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lightbadger said...

The creation of human life is so mystical, so wholly-other an experience, that all voices of faith must call out LIFE! Above all, LIFE!
I am glad for the experience of mothers and fathers who have stood on their own faith and wisdom rather than submit to medical experts. Faith and Elizabeth Ann celebrate the triumph of faith and hope. The life in the womb has significance for the body of Christ in this world and the next.