Monday, March 2, 2009

Peter Kreeft on the Culture War

Although I earlier wrote that this blog will not feature many links, I wanted to add a simple article featuring Peter Kreeft's observations on the culture war. He describes the desert of modern life where endless distractions weaken our connection with God and our ability to even grasp reality. One can no longer turn on the television and expect to watch a show where faith will not be challenged; rather we can expect to see arguments against truth and a subtle mockery of the Catholic Church. There is not one element in modern life where this attack is not present.

One sad element in Kreeft's description is the condition of Catholic colleges. The same is true of Catholic schools in general. Fr. John Harden once wrote that sending children to Catholic schools was no longer enough to keep them Catholic. In fact, it was a good way for your children to lose their faith. This observation is similar to what Luigi Giussani observes in The Risk of Education, that providing formal religious education that is separated from our daily activities leads to a dualistic understanding of reality and the faith. Fr. Harden had a great solution, he advised parents to educate their children at home. This is something that cannot be done at the college level, so we must face alienation as a necessary condition as we take the steps to acquire a professional job.

The cultural opposition to the Church has grown in intensity as it has become more subtle, and its strength has grown to the point that we need to continually offer our children guidance as they go through the modern culture. Sheltering children is not an answer, but at the same time we have to protect our young from the cultural oppression of their faith. Peter Kreeft observes the same cultural phenomena; we live in a spiritual desert where the water of life is cut off, and those who seek to find it will suffer along the way...

Peter Kreeft on the Culture War

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