Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Boycott China

Anyone who takes seriously the signs-of-the-times is aware that there is a growing threat to the United States and the entire West. Our culture has been weakened by pure greed, disregard for human life, and a materialistic view of reality. This transformation has weakened and brought a decay to our civilization that is unprecedented. In the U.S over 40% of our current economy is sustained through borrowed funds, in other words we do not have the financial resources to pay for what we currently consume. We grow weaker with every passing day, as we continue to borrow more than we earn. Our biggest threat is from a country that continues to offer us cheap products and as we continue to consume them they lend us money to further increase our dependence on them. This state is ruled by a one party totalitarian government that has banned Catholicism and continues to mandate abortion for families that do not comply with its population guidelines. Soon they will be coming to the U.S. and begin purchasing our industries. Unless things change. It is not too late, we can begin by boycotting products made in China and look for goods produced in other states. We will have to pay more for our products, but right now this is the only action that can sustain our civilization. We have to let reason enter into our marketplace decisions and avoid products that can threaten our state even though they are the cheapest. This also means that we will have to start avoiding places that offer items exclusively made from China, and yes, this means Walmart. Although our civilization is being destroyed within, it is not too late. There is still hope. But we must make wise decisions that will allow us to continue to live in freedom.

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