Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Percy's Lament

Walker Percy once lamented that the movie magazines of his time were poor and unhelpful because they stopped critiquing movies and simply became a marketing agent to try to get people to see films. There was no critical scholarship or oversight, it became another commercial.

The mainstream news media in the United States is equally guilty of no longer reporting worldly events, rather it has become a simple marketing tool used to manufacture support. Bill Moyers presents a beautiful, but disheartening documentary called "Buying the War" on media failures that prevented our news industry from providing an objective analysis of the claims yielded by our political leaders. The laws of economics and the increasing search for profit prevents our information sources from doing independent research to see if the claims made by elites are actually true. This leads our most influential news anchors to report propaganda as 'news', and means that it is no longer safe to accept the conclusions provided by the mainstream news sources.

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